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Friday, June 1, 2012

study weeks

balik kampung...ooo balik kampung.....haty girang..

eh..girang ke? bukn study week ke..npe nak girang sangat nyee...bace buku yunkk oi...

adeh..haha...x kisah la... aku blik boleh release tension setelah duduk di hostel selama 2 bulan..mengadap 

 benda yang sama .. so, when back home, home sweet home ,, everything that i misses will go through in me so

insyAllah , i will get more spirit and become more cheerful. ..looking at mom face getting me become encouragement..even though mom back late as she at Madinah do her umrah for 
second time..Alhmdulilah..hope my turn will be soon as possible. ^_^..aku balik nih ade several things that i want to 

do which is  visit my sister as she just get her second new baby!! yeay ! can't wait to see n meet her.. cute little 

baby...which her name still in progress..hehe..so just call " cute baby " . but still in planning because i need mybrother to drive go to her's mom in law house so hopefully he can off one day for me..hehe..if not , i will meet his boss to give him MC..dare to be die..haha...( sembang je lebey  tuh ). 

Then, second thing, i want to brings my two youngers sisters to place they want to..huhu..also don't decide yet... anyone s ideas which place in 

kedah are intersting?? hurmm... hope soon got the place. urmm...pe lagik yer??? study?? yang tu 

compulsorylah kena buat! haha.. mayb that two things jer kot..hehe... mcam banyak je kan aku nak gtaw

tdi..sory sebab kena tipu sikiiit...hehe...pray me to have a safe journey back to village..! ^_^

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