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Saturday, June 2, 2012

advantages of being single

salam monink...

hey guys..based on my topic what is ur feeling??? single? best ke? x bosan ke?

hehe...actually all that question made by my minds...hee...

let me share something nak???

x nak?? eleyh.. i know u want it... kan..hehe.

Advantages of being Single ...

1. Can sleep well - x yah fikir2x...problems ngn bf.fikir masalh dunia lagi penting..hehe

2. Can save Time & Money - my money ONLY ..x yah nak mmbazir beli kt orang..( dekut sikit je )

3. No worries about how you look - yeap...always be free confident..x ksh la wht people do say..(but

kena la jga jgk...jgn pakai pelik2 sgt..haha)

4. No missed calls at mid night - feeling comfortamble without voice of call or msg ..piece no war ^_^

5. Focus on your career and family more- focus to people who are more need our focus,law focus kat bf? conform ke he or is yours?? kann..

6. No need to recharge your phone twice a day- battery save...hehe...long term use save current gak..:P

7. Freedom to speak with anyone -yeah..no body will guard u much..except parents la..alwsy bf guards more annoying.,,kan

8. Take your own decisions by yourself - confidenntly can make decision..just by ur famly guide

9. The most important thing is : Can write this on your status without being scared - hehe...tunggu pe ag copy n paste la kt twitter or facebook.

10.No jealousy..hmmmm! - of kos...;)

am i true?? i i think i am ....^_^

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