Just graduated! Alhamdulillah.Semoga segala amalan kita diterima Allah dan Semoga kita ikhlas dalam melakukan apa jua perkerjaan dan mendapat keberkatan dari Nya.. i love Allah

Monday, September 24, 2012

Superb remarkable memories in my heart


Alhamdulilah..syukur atas nikmat iman dan islam ..alhmdulilah..


All the remarkable memories always around my mind..

the most i love is when i'm studying in Insaniah College University..

Its begin with forcing, crying , underestimating , and a lot of negative thinking...

I really can't accept why i will be choosen to study at KUIN , in TAHFIZ WAL - QIRAAT FACULTY..

I'm refusing it because it was't me who want me to study in this major..

It was my father..but i never blame him..i still respect even my heart decline towards his decision..

He know wht is the best for me..

It was my thought..but i'm still keeping screaming in the deep!!

I want to continue study in Sciece major.. in physic..

I was chosen to futhering study in part 6 in physic class..

However..it was Allah fate...

nobody know the fate..nobody..just Allah...

and i now realize..we just got in plan but Allah make it smooth sailing...

something we r hate..actually it is good for us...

n something we love howver its bad for us...

N now..a single WORD that i can say is : Alhamdullilah.. :D

I'm so grateful as Allah still give chance to me in learning Al-Quran and also to memorizing it..

The experiece during memorizing Al-Quran such all knows.not such easy we memorizing bahasa melayu or english text..but it more difficuilt than we thought..The Kalamullah is the most purest and noblest in the world..but i can feel the sweet behind the bitter strunggle! alhamdullah..

nie mase sem 1

nie masa thun 3 final..

thun 3 jgk..majlis perpisahan tahun 3

during our visit to maahad tahfiz pahang

all my best friends..

here banin in same bacth

majlis khatam quran..love this pic!


  1. taw xpa..rindu sangat2x..andai masa dapat berputar kembali..aku mahu berada di masa itu selama-lamanya...rindu kamu jua tiqah!! ^_^


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