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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Diet diet and diet again...

In life,anybody who has body shape like me ,i think ..they should always remind their self about food! yeah..you must be ask me why rite??

the answer just because my metobalism rate is kind of low..so, food taken should be ware from overdose or less dose! Its kind of dificult rite?

hee...actually its easy..the easy point ,i pointed here have several thing you should noted okays guys!

1.Types of carbohydrates! - eat less rice because rice have many carbohydrates you know,hwr if you works hard on routine life,i think its okays ..because the carbohydrate can burn easily..,otherwise if you like me, as a student..nmorning till evening class and sometimes at nite..not large energy used because we just sit on chair listen and think ..am i rite? so when we thinks much ,it make us hungry rite??yeah...totally rite..if not satisfied.try to ask any student...hehe....so ,here that types of energy are not that much as like farmer..we need small quantity of carbohydrate such, oat, nestum or sometime mee...i'm not really prefer rice,because it make me sleepy...zZZZzzz....really happened to me..heee..^_^

2.Avoid snack!! - you know wht are snacks rite??? okays such examples like mamees, twisties, potatoes chips , and so on..get it rite? umm..you know wht is the reason to be avoided? because its contain much of salts and addiction flavour..which can stuck all water you drinks up and keep under of fat layer..which can make you in jiggly fat...huhuhu.....well , i got this type of problems..wish to be solve soon!!

3.Avoid junks food!! - example kfc,mCdonald, A&W,Burger King ...the reasons must avoided because contains alot of salt!!! same like above snack....i guaritee if you avoid it in 3 month..you weight will be reduced! conform!!

4.Eating time!!! - this one also important!!important!! important!!!! see,3 times i repeat,,meansss that reallly important!! EVERY DAY HAVE 3 TIMES WE MUST EAT!
   firstly-morning! breakfast!!!! Large energy needed when we start our activities at morning..so make sure you eat lots!! such oat and milk,nasi lemak ( rarely ok) fried mee, kuih and so on.. does't matter if it seems like lot of carbohydrate because its just the beginning...you need much enegy to work out rite??same like fasting..during sahur..you need to eat !!

 secondly - at afternoon.. well this time just need small amount of enery..i prefer you to eat fruits..^^, because during this time ,we just want to relax or sometime take a nap..rite?? but as usual,we malaysian love to eat much during afternoon that back home sleep...huh! T__T.It s wronggg!!!! really wrong!!so, listen to me okay!! eat fruits only!!if you really want to loose some weight..

 thirdly -at nite- urmm...sleep times...hee..am i rite?or maybe you not??heee..wht ever,but mostly people sleep ,me too!! ^^, so,if we want to sleep,should us eat burger or pizza or something delicious and fat??
okay3x..you can eat but if ur weight still gain and not lose don't come and ask me why ??okay..hehe..
hey guys!! i'm not cruel!! i'm lovely person..hehe..so ,here i give tips wht to eat at nite..
you guys can eat vegetables'soup or fruits like that..Only??? yeah wht i can say is only that...well, i love you all and want you to loose some weight..plz follow my tipss okay dearest...:P..then ,i know might have some of you or most of you will said.." ohh no..i'm sure i'll get hungry again..huh" yes..the probabilty is YES!! so watake?? (means what to do is ) sleep early..than you will sleep with relaxing stomuch..well nite we don't do anything activities..rite..so don't keep energy in body..

okays...i'll continue at this evening...byeee2x..have a good diet!! ^_^

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