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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Rcpd day!!

Assalamuailaikum... good morning everyone..hope all the readers in good mood, mind, and everything.. 

Just today want to story about this special day..

I am happpy but sad too when thinking that this year near to the end.. its 2nd rcpd which mean all my students will end their school soon and pursing to their next level. I know that i should't feel sad but happy for them.. it just i dont want them to leave me.. huawaaa.. emo teacher la..haha.. i m proud that i taught them from zero to hero now..

I pray all my student will be success where ever they are and success in dunya and akhirah... all of you always in my doa..

4 Basrah i love all you.. imane ayyad,naufal darwisy, dhia hanna, dhia zulaiqha, dhia zahra, balqis ayla humaira, danish amsyar,salman al farisi, irfan khalis, ammar syarif zakwan, muhammad syahmi muhaimin, awateef mohd zaem.

May All the knowledge that i gave to all of you blessed by Allah.. aminn insyAllah..

Teacher mim 2016

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