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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Jasa mu seorang mak

Its been 7 years since dad died , mom struggling raise us up until we become more matured and can think wisely.. even though i always hurting ur heart , even sulking with u when i get home for long holiday , yeah i know sometime i felt sensitive too much on u .. but u still persuade me and apologize even iam wrong that time.. u r really superwomen , u the one who take care of me , give me school , give me money , give me love , give me happiness , i could't imagine what would i be .. if u r not there .. ur sacrife were too much to say .. u r father at the same time mom to all of us.. even after dad died u still can give us same like when dad are still live.. u r the best mom ever!! Even we always make troubles and sometime making u sad , we are very sorry because maybe we are not really matured enough.. Thanks mom for giving birth me.. thanks for care and love me. Thank for the infinity love that never be stop.. i love u so muchhhhh n infinity... u r the one for me... :')

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