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Thursday, March 28, 2013


Assalamuailaikum w.b.t..

hye guys ..it had been long time i'm being silent to this blog rite? well .. actually i'm quite busy with my studentlife schedule..walking..learning..working..eating..discussing..chattering..gossiping..hehe..opss..that 's rarely okay..moreover..my broadband line also had been barred about 2 month..hehe..-->mls nak bayaq punya pasai la ni.. and many more more n more reasons that i think if i telling here,.sampai esok pon x habis kot... ^_^

This semester is quite tough for me..many..many..many..n many..test i'm being tested until now..however..what can i say is that life without test is nothing rite..the tests actually make life more better n better,,,and also see how we solve it and make us more remember to Allah Taala..what is the problem??well..should i tell..urmm....just simple thing..usual thing such problem in studying,healty,relationship and so on..and on..hehe...

well , regarding to my TITLE POST..ada kena mengena ker dengan apa yang aku sembang kat atas tuh?? urmmmmm.......fikir...fikir..n fikir...n fikir...(bnyk nye fikir da.. :P ) of kos la ada..well it is about one word in above paragraph.. which is RELATION SHIP.. VS SENSITIVE.. well to be the truth..actually i'm not really a sensitive person and i'm a open minded person..but sometime or in some case i'm being too sensitive without reasons..or nearer word is jealousy maybe..kan.. hehe..korang penah rasa sensitif or cemburu x? tipu la x pernah kan..we as human being that was a unic feeling that we feel sometime..kan..

well lagi,.xpe la..well ..pon well la..hehe..well..friends relationship..also have the feeling of jealousy or sensitive..more over between women..girls ..example when we felt something not nice or felt uncomfortable with someone of our friends..don't you just being hating or ignoring her or him..but let ask for discussing or slow talk..or give some smoooth advance to her or him..if you still did ignorance , they will felt sad or guilty for the ignorance without knowing their mistake or actually they got a problems! so..

in this case..please..please and please..don't be to cruel  to your friends ..and making they more feeling bad..but tell an advice or ask them if got a problem..to be settle with good manner..or if you got problem with them..tell the truth not by showing ur ugly ignorance ...that will make the situation worse rite..

so this actually happen around me lately.. ..well this can be taken as ur guide when we having the same situation or relationship problem ...

well that all for today guys! good nite peeps!! n have a nice relationship ^^


  1. hehe suko noh bc blog hang k.mimah....i'm follower yg setia..;p

    1. haii nor..haha suko deh.. bilo masuk tak perasan plak ambo..thank you dearr..MISS U larh..


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