Just graduated! Alhamdulillah.Semoga segala amalan kita diterima Allah dan Semoga kita ikhlas dalam melakukan apa jua perkerjaan dan mendapat keberkatan dari Nya.. i love Allah

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


salam and good mornink all..

X semua yang kita inginkan kan tercapai kan...but how to make it happen?

in wht ever way? sometime we really want it..

we thought that it was the best for us..

and also we felt something uncomplete without it..

and many feeling come in head..

how and how to make us feel better and accepted and realize that the fate is we r not together anymore??

My best ways and thought about , just pray..pray.. and pray...

because noboday will understand how we felt except Allah.S.W.T..

Mungkin apa yang kita suka x baik untuk kita dan mungkin jugak yang kita x suka terbaik buat kita..

who knows...

peace no war~~~ ^_^

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